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Patrick's Gift

by Jack Scoltock

“The hare’s threatening, growling, sound made the hairs on the back of his neck bristle and, all of a sudden, Patrick remembered the sound he had heard as he entered the Whinnies: it was the same sound.”

Patrick’s Gift is a magical, wondrous story of Patrick, a young boy growing up in Derry, in Northern Ireland. Bullied at school, be is befriended by an old lady who instructs him to visit the ancient fairy circle of stones on a nearby hilltop.

Facing vicious crows, murderous rabbits and hares, Patrick meets the Luricans—leprechauns or “wee folk”—and his adventure begin as he gets his gift, not knowing just how important it is to his very life as he does battle with monsters!

The monster was at least as tall and as wide as a house. The grotesque, many-legged thing roared louder. Its wide hair-covered mouth with its row-upon-row of pointed teeth bubbled with black saliva.”

A modern fairy-tale, Patrick’s Gift is the work of Derry author Jack Scoltock.

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