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About the Author

Jack Scoltock

A Derry born writer, Jack Scoltock has been writing for over thirty years. Now retired, he is able to write at his leisure. Before retirement, Jack ran a dive shop and as a diver, he was involved with the discovery of a Spanish Armada Galleon in Kinnago Bay, County Donegal in 1971. This was the start of his interest in writing about underwater discoveries and then writing in general.

Ireland, and particularly Derry, is the backdrop for many of Jack’s stories. In his hands, magic and monsters become believable as his stories draw from his experiences. His many books are proof of his compelling and page-turning ability that keeps people reading his stories. Jack’s stories have been in anthologies, read on the radio, and published in magazines and newspapers.

Jack still lives in Derry and has been married to Ursula for forty-four years. He has two children and three grandchildren.

You can find out more about Jack and his works at his website, www.jackscoltock.com.



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