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How to get your book listed

We would very much like to include as many different books about Irish Fairy Tales as we can, but we want them to be quality books if this site is to develop a following. So we will vet the books before putting them up. However, it will not cost you anything except a bit of time and effort to collect the necessary materials for us to generate a listing for you.

That's right, there is NO listing fee. We want as many quality books as possible and charging a fee will simply drive away talented authors.

As for vetting, the process is simple. First and foremost, you must have a book that is published. We are not a publisher -- we merely list books that are all ready available.

Second, given the incredible amount of pure garbage that has been thrown up on eBook sites such as Amazon's Kindle, your book must 1) have a valid ISBN number and 2) be for sale on Amazon as a printed or Print on Demand (POD) book.

You do not need a publisher to do this. You can be self-published and still have an ISBN number and be listed as a printed book on Amazon. Take a look at CreateSpace or Lulu as well as several other vendors. They offer the necessary services for a reasonable price. We are not recommending which you use, that is up to you. However, the first test we will make is "Did this author care enough to spend a few dollars to get their book into print?" These vendors will not only see that your book becomes a Print on Demand book, but also supply you with an ISBN number and even get you listed with Amazon and almost any other bookstore.

Again, this is a simple but effective test to eliminate the "Kindle Garbage eBooks" that have flooded Amazon's Kindle site.

Now, this is not to say that there aren't many fine books to be had on Kindle, because there are. And we do want to list the Kindle and other eBook editions you may have of your work. Just look at the books already listed to see that.

What is your responsibility?

Well, it is basically supplying us with stuff you should already have such as a JPEG of your book's cover, some descriptions of the book ("back cover blurbs"), an author's bio, and some comments about the book, why you wrote it, and other human interest stuff. Just look at the listing we already have and it should be obvious. One item that is less obvious is the sample chapters. Those we will generate from Word compatible files -- no need to worry about formatting it, we will take care of that.

The only really effort will be generating a list of where your book can be bought, down to the actual URL of the listing on that site.. You need to have Amazon as one reference, but you can list any other major on-line bookstore or eBook supplier. You can have groups like Eason's Books in Ireland or chains local to where you live. The only thing is they must be a bookstore and not some website that you are running to peddle your books.

Will we list books from publishing houses?

Absolutely! This is the cheapest form of advertisement you will find. You still have to supply the materials listed, and if you want, we will put a link to your publishing house in our links page. We want as many quality books about Irish Fairy Tales as we can find.



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