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About us

If you have ever tried to find a book on Amazon or any of the other large internet book stores, you will understand our frustrations at trying to find books about Irish Fairy Tales. You would think it would be easy – just type in the search term “Irish Fairy Tales” and get a couple thousand responses. Now all you have to do is find the good ones buried in the massive pile of choices.

While there is much to be said for big bookstores, finding just the right book is difficult. That is why we formed Irish Fairy Tales. Initially, we simply wanted to list a number of books related to Irish Fairy Tales that may be of interest to you and let you choose from a much more reasonable and selected list of possibilities.

The first step is intuitive. You look at the cover of the book as it comes by on the carousel, each with a short description about the book. When you see something of interest, click on the cover and go to the more detailed entry for that book.

Once there, you can first read a short summary about the book and if of interest, you can learn more about the author, why he or she wrote the book, and even read the first chapter or so. Then, if it is a book you are interested in purchasing, you can click on the icon for the bookstore of your choice listed on the bottom of the page.

Please note that we do not sell books. We are referring you to a big on-line book store that can much better handle your order than we ever could. Our goal is simply helping you find the book of interest.

In addition to helping you find just the right book, we are also planning to expand our services to other aspects of Irish Fairy Tales. One idea is to do a similar list for music. Another is a list of events of interest. We are not sure just where we will go with this, but this website is not meant to just be about books, but all aspects of Irish Fairy Tales. Your suggestions are welcome. We would like to hear from you. Please use the “Contact us” link to send us an email. Somebody will get back to you.



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